Our Home Improvement Project Process

We know how stressful working with contractors can be for many homeowners from Providence to Newport, Narragansett and beyond. Fears about slow progress, miscommunication and cut corners are too often a reality.

More than anything, Bruno Painting works to build relationships of trust with our customers and that starts with transparency. Consistent communication is essential to making your dream home a reality. Though your home will be in capable hands, we want to make sure you are involved and aware each step of the way so that we can properly manifest your vision.

That’s why we’re open about our project process and how we’ll touch base throughout our time working in your Rhode Island Home.

Where Your Project Begins

After you’ve taken some time to explore our selection of contractor services, ranging from interior and exterior painting, to all types of carpentry repairs, to professional power washing; your home improvement journey begins when you submit an estimate request or contact us directly.

Getting to Know You & Your Home

Our friendly office staff will start the customer intake process by asking some important questions about your home and the project you’re looking to complete. Though the questions will vary depending on which service you are seeking, here a few important things we cover:

  • What type of work do you need done?
  • What timeline are you hoping for?
  • When was your home built? This is important to know regarding the possibility of lead in your home.

Once we have a good idea of what you’re looking for and if our talented team of painters and carpenters will be a good fit for you, we’ll assign you an estimator and discuss possible start dates.

Estimating Your Project

An estimator will visit your home for a scheduled walkthrough to evaluate the space professionally and determine what will be needed to turn your vision into a reality. They will consider what repairs are necessary prerequisites to any painting or staining, the size of the crew needed and other important factors in establishing a price and timeline for your project. At the end of the in-person estimation, we’ll discuss a quote with you and move forward from there.

Your Home Improvement Underway

Once you’ve been officially accepted as a customer, you’ll receive a welcome email with all the necessary details regarding your particular home improvement project. You will be assigned a crew leader, so you always know who to communicate with along the way. They will complete a pre-job walk through at your home so that we can be fully prepared with materials and equipment. We pride ourselves in working efficiently and always cleaning up thoroughly when a job is complete.

Communicating Along the Way

Reliable communication with our customers is so important to us that we use a specialized communication system that allows you to check up on your Rhode Island home at any time. Use our system to see activity, updates, and progress reports throughout the project. We’ll send you progress pictures and check in regularly to ensure we’re on the same page.
You can communicate with your crew leader, or our customer service staff directly through the system. As always, we’re more than happy to jump on the phone with you or communicate via email for your comfort and ease.

Project Completion

Your satisfaction with the results is of the utmost importance to us and we’ll never walk away from a project until we know our customers are happy. When work has ended, we’ll join you for a final walkthrough and complete a quality assurance sheet. Only then will a final bill be approved and sent to you for payment.

If you have any questions about how our project process can work for you, learn more about our services or schedule an estimate, reach out to us today at 401.662.0057 or fill out a contact form.

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