Comprehensive Carpentry Services for Rhode Island Residents

The truth is home improvement projects are rarely a once and done. Whether you anticipate it or not, doing work on your home often requires multiple services acting in concert with one another.

Just like how powerwashing and exterior painting go hand in hand, carpentry is often an essential step in many other home improvement projects. Making repairs to your home ensures that the application of paints and stains are smooth and that any changes and improvements are done with longevity in mind.

The problem with this necessary intersection is that one often holds up the other. Many of our Rhode Island clients have struggled with scheduling multiple contractors whose work depends on the other. Painting and remodeling might be delayed for weeks if one contractor relies on another to replace rotten boards or install new windows before getting started.

That’s why Bruno Painting offers in-house carpentry services to our Rhode Island customers. When you choose Bruno Painting for your home improvement project you will never again have to deal with postponed schedules or strain to communicate with multiple companies.

Carpentry Services We Provide

  • All Carpentry Needs
  • Rotten Wood Replacement
  • Decks
  • Siding - Clapboard & Shingles
  • Windows
  • Interior & Exterior Trim
  • Interior & Exterior Doors and Casing
  • Built-ins, Cabinets, Shelving
  • Crown Molding, Wains Coating, Bread-board, Shiplap, Etc.
  • Carpenter / Handyman for a day

"We’ve hired Bruno Painting twice for exterior carpentry and painting. We appreciate their attention to detail and the meticulous job that they do. We also appreciate the open line of communication, and the walk through of the job when finished. We have recommended Bruno Painting to neighbors and friends."

The Campbell Family

How We Make Your Vision a Reality

We’re proud to have expanded our services beyond painting to handle all your interior and exterior carpentry jobs. We cover everything from basic structural repairs to intricate finish work. Our talented carpenters receive ongoing training and bring care and expertise to every project. They will listen to your needs and thoroughly inspect your current carpentry work so that when the job is complete your kitchen cabinets, exterior siding or crown molding look as good as new.

Professional Craftsmanship

Solid carpentry work is the base of your home’s integrity. No paint job can cover up shoddy carpentry, which is why we only work with the best materials, tools and of course, trained professionals.

Quality Lumber for Quality Carpentry

We’ll work with you to decide on the best lumber for your carpentry project. We can advise you on which high quality material will best suit the particular room and function of the carpentry. Types of Wood

Choosing Precision Tools

We only use the highest quality and best performing tools for our carpentry work. From our years of experience, we have developed a list of trusted brands including Festool, DeWalt, and Makita.

Carpentry that Lasts

Your home is a big investment and though damage through rot, scratching and general wear is bound to happen, we know that a job done well at the outset makes all the difference. We design and execute our carpentry repairs to be durable improvements to your home. As painters, we know how important this step is in preparing for other work so we’ll ensure its done right.

More Than Just Repairs

If you are interested in changing the look of your home, whether by installing new styles of base trim and crown molding, or adding in some built-in cabinetry or shelving, you can trust our carpenters to transform your home. Check out our blog on carpentry projects that elevate your home to learn more about what might be a great fit for your home. To learn more about our talented carpenters and how our carpentry services will work for your Rhode Island home, visit our project process page. If your home’s woodwork needs some vital repairs or if you’re beginning a larger home improvement journey that requires carpentry, start by scheduling an estimate with Bruno Painting now get our carpentry contractors working on your Rhode Island home.

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