Choose Fine Paints of Europe for Your Rhode Island Home

Your home is a point of pride. From exteriors that stand out in your neighborhood to interiors that bring comfort and joy to your family and your guests, your home can say a lot. We know how much homeowners in Rhode Island value the look and durability of their home’s painting job. 

So why would you choose anything but the best quality, longest lasting paint? Most homeowners aren’t aware of the high quality, European alternatives to conventional paints.

To achieve the richest color, best durability and most protection for your home, Bruno Painting offers Fine Paints of Europe to our neighbors from Narragansett to Newport, to Little Compton. This high-end brand is trusted not only by homeowners but also by professionals in the architecture and design industries. Learn why this is the superior paint choice for your next painting job.

The Fine Paints of Europe Difference

It all comes down to quality. When you choose high quality materials like Fine Paints of Europe you are investing in an outcome that will look better and last longer than conventional paint brands.

“There is nothing more expensive than cheap paint.” 

The Finest Ingredients

Fine Paints of Europe are formulated with superior pigments, binders and solvents, components of any paint. But unlike most domestic paint brands, FPE never uses fillers in their paint that stretch coverage at the cost of color and longevity.

Paint Colors Like No Other

No matter the color you are looking for, Fine Paints of Europe has it. Not only do they have numerous color collections to explore, but they can also custom match any color from other paint brands. Their vibrant and enduring hues are considered the standard for quality painting across Europe. Call us to learn about the vast selection FPE colors for your home.

Durable & Scrubbable

Fine Paints of Europe are made to last. They require fewer coats to produce rich color, retain an even finish and are crafted with everyday living in mind. The true value of this paint comes from its ability to beautify and protect your home for up to 15 years when properly applied.

The average American residency is only 5 years, whereas average residency in Europe is over 15. You chose to buy a house in our beautiful Rhode Island community for a reason. Treat it like the incredible investment that it is, and you will be rewarded with a stunning place to call home for years to come.

If you’re unsure when it’s the right time to get a new coat of paint on your home, visit our interior painting and exterior painting pages for information on painting frequency.

Clean for You & Your Family

As a member of the US Green Building Council, Fine Paints of Europe offer products that are low emitters, otherwise known as low VOC paint. This means their paints are designed to reduce the quantity of odorous and irritating air contaminants and create a comfortable environment for you and your family.

Your Home as a Work of Art

Dutch doors are known across the world as examples of vibrant and distinctive personality for homeowners. If you’re looking to turn your front door or handrails into a work of art, Fine Paints of Europe is the way to go.

Certified FPE Painters

To create beautiful surfaces inside and out, both the quality of the paint and the quality of the application matter. That’s why FPE established a Certified Painting Contractor Program to ensure flawless painting jobs with the best materials.

After meeting with the owner and his team, working with samples, learning the history of the paint and best application methods, Rick Bruno became FPE certified in 2020. A limited number of contractors graduate from their in-depth certification class each year, and we are proud to have underwent the proper training to offer these amazing products to our customers across Rhode Island, from Little Compton to Providence and more.

To learn more about our talented painting crew and how our painting services will work for your Rhode Island home, visit our project process page.

If you want to achieve vibrant, long lasting exteriors and interiors for your home, then start by scheduling an estimate with Bruno Painting now for Fine Paints of Europe in your Rhode Island home.

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