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Is your home starting to look tired or out of style from outside and you’re thinking it might be time to restore its beautiful exterior? Updating and maintaining your exteriors protects your home, improves your curb appeal, and adds value to your investment.

For a job this important, you wouldn’t trust an inexperience company that skips key prep work, uses budget paint that doesn’t last, and can’t handle necessary carpentry work.

With nearly two decades of experience achieving excellent exterior painting services in Rhode Island, Bruno Painting will rejuvenate the outside of your home with professionalism and care. We deliver the highest standard of exterior painting and customer service. You should feel a sense of satisfaction and pride every time you pull into the driveway of your Rhode Island home.

How We Make Your Vision a Reality

  • Trim Painting
  • Door Painting
  • Shingle and Siding Painting
  • Shutter Painting

When Should I Paint My Exteriors?

There are many reasons for updating your exterior and as expert exterior painting contractors, we can help you  decide when it’s a good time to repaint.

Damage & Grime

Like most New England states, Rhode Island has four true seasons, which means your home is exposed to rain, snow and sunshine. Harsh weather or broken tree limbs can leave your exterior paint scuffed and chipped. Exteriors also build up grime, algae and grit that can compromise the integrity of your home, prompting a repaint.

Faded Paint

Direct exposure to sunlight means your exterior paint will fade faster than your interiors, resulting in dull colors that are just asking to be refreshed.

Color Changes

Color trends and your personal tastes can change throughout the years of your home ownership. Don’t be afraid to give your home a whole new look with different colors of paint.

Tandem Upkeep

Exterior painting is often a necessity when repairing damaged siding, gutters, trim, and other exterior carpentry work. If you’re in need of other work done on your home’s exterior, painting should be on the same list.

Regular Refinishing

To maintain a polished appearance, we recommend repainting your exteriors every 4-7 years. Many homes in Rhode Island, specifically in the Newport and Narragansett areas, are located close to the water and repainting may need to happen every 4-5 years to account for increased exposure to wind and moisture.

Products to Perfect Your Home Improvement Project

We only use the highest quality and best performing tools for our exterior painting jobs. From our years of experience, we have developed a list of trusted brands including Festool, DeWalt, and Makita. Your exterior paint will protect your home from rot, increase your property value and of course, look fantastic. This is why Bruno Painting chooses the best paint brands for exterior painting. We highly recommend considering Fine Paints of Europe to achieve the best possible look and most durability on your exterior paint job.

Preparing for Exterior Painting

We take care in preparing the exterior surfaces of your home before beginning any repainting project to ensure a longer lasting, more attractive end result. There are some key preparation steps for exterior painting jobs we can assist you with.

Repairing Exterior Surfaces

We have a team of skilled carpenters on hand to take care of any repairs needed for rotten wood, loose shingles or broken gutters. With Bruno Painting, you’ll never need to juggle hiring multiple contractors for your exterior painting project.

Cleaning the Outside of Your Home

Before we lay down any primer or paint, we will thoroughly wash your exteriors either by powerwashing or using a soft washing method like air blasting to remove grime and peeling paint. This is typically followed by further scraping and sanding to guarantee a smooth, like-new finish.

Resealing Caulked Areas

One of the benefits of repainting your exteriors is protecting your home from future damage. We check all the boxes by recaulking trim, windows and doors when needed.

Protecting Your Landscape

Your painting crew will use protective coverings on your plants, porch, pavement and light fixtures. Your exterior painting job should never necessitate redoing your landscaping. Once these important preparations are complete, it’s time to begin priming and painting the exterior of your home. Visit our project process page to learn more about our competitive rates, how quickly we can schedule your home improvement services in Rhode Island and how we communicate with you every step of the way. Ready to get started making your dream home a reality? Schedule an estimate with Bruno Painting now for your Rhode Island home.
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