Painter for a Day Services in Newport, Rhode Island

At Bruno Painting, we recognize that not every painting project demands a full-scale contract. Our Painter for a Day service in Newport, Rhode Island, is tailored to address your smaller painting needs efficiently and professionally. Whether you're looking to touch up a few walls or transform specific rooms, our skilled and experienced painters are ready to breathe new life into your space.

Why Choose Bruno Painting for Your Painter for a Day Service?


Our team of painters boasts high levels of training and experience, making them adept at handling various painting tasks. You can trust us to deliver quality results that meet your expectations.

Fully Equipped

When you choose our Painter for a Day service, our team arrives fully equipped with a stocked vehicle and all the necessary tools to tackle a wide variety of painting tasks.

Quality Materials

Outstanding results require the right materials. From premium paints to high-quality brushes and tools, we ensure that the finished product will stand the test of time.

Fixed Pricing

Enjoy a full 8-hour day of focused, efficient, and professional labor with our fixed pricing. If you have carpentry work as well, consider our Carpenter for a Day service.

Comprehensive Services

Our team isn't limited to painting walls. We can assist you with various tasks, including small repairs, surface preparation, and more.

What We Offer with Our Painter for a Day Service

Interior Painting: Transform any room in your home with a fresh coat of paint. Living room, bedroom, kitchen – we bring your vision to life.

Exterior Touch-Ups: Enhance your home's curb appeal by addressing chipped paint, weathered areas, or faded exteriors. Our painters will make your home stand out again.

Small Projects: Have a specific painting task in mind, like painting a single accent wall, a small bathroom, or a door? We've got you covered.

Efficient and Clean Service: Our painters are not only skilled at their craft but also diligent in keeping the workspace tidy. We take care to protect your furniture, flooring, and belongings.

How to Get Started

Contact Us: Reach out to us through our website or give us a call to discuss your painting project and your preferred date.

Project Assessment: Our office staff will assess the project requirements. If it aligns with our Painter for a Day service, they'll provide a fixed-price daily rate.

Schedule the Service: Once you're satisfied with the estimate, we'll schedule a convenient date.

Sit Back and Relax: On the scheduled day, our painter(s) will arrive promptly and get to work, bringing your painting project to life with precision and care.

Transform your space with Bruno Painting's Painter for a Day service. We take pride in delivering top-notch results, regardless of the project size. Get in touch with us today to tackle your to-do list!

About Bruno Painting -- Your Trusted Home Improvement Contracting Company in Portsmouth, RI!

At Bruno Painting, we're a full-service, insured, and experienced home improvement contractor serving Portsmouth and surrounding areas. We offer comprehensive services, from interior and exterior painting to powerwashing and carpentry, ensuring your home receives expert attention.


Fine Paints of Europe Certified: As certified experts in the application of Fine Paints of Europe products, we bring premium craftsmanship and top-quality finishes to every project. These high-end products ensure a stunning and long-lasting result that exceeds your expectations.

Your Joy, Our Priority: Above all, we are passionate about creating spaces that bring you joy and comfort every time you step through the door. Our team approaches each project with care, repairing and reimagining your spaces to reflect your unique style and preferences.

One-Stop-Shop for Home Improvement: Bruno Painting is your go-to solution for all your home improvement projects. Whether it's your regular residence in Rhode Island or your picturesque vacation home, we have the expertise and dedication to deliver outstanding results.

Customer-Centric Approach: We believe in building strong and transparent relationships with our clients. Our commitment to consistent customer communications ensures that you are informed throughout the process, from the initial consultation to project completion.

Professionalism Guaranteed: When you choose Bruno Painting, expect professionalism at every stage. Our skilled team members are respectful of your property, maintain a clean work environment, and complete projects on time and within budget. Schedule an estimate with Bruno Painting now for your Newport, Rhode Island home.

If you require carpentry and painting services in Newport City, feel free to reach out to Bruno Painting.

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